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AMG is a result of 45 years' ownership and senior management experience in over 21 different small and mid-sized businesses.  Our goal is to make sure our small business clients have access to the right information, tools and resources to help them make the best business decisions possible.

Our Services include unlimited consultations with attorneys, accountants, human resource professionals, marketing experts and more...helping our clients protect and grow their business. We offer affordable solutions to many situations a small business owner faces daily. Resources and solutions that are usually only available to larger businesses

AMG has recently partnered with SMALLBIZ powered by GOSMALLBIZ and LegalShiels Business Solutions  SMALLBIZ was started by two of the premier small business service providers, who have worked together to help thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs over the past 20 years. This new partnership will allow AMG to provide even better and more complete services at an affordable cost. 

"AMG helps to protect and grow small businesses"