A customer is

demanding a refund

George can finally manage his small business and not feel like he is alone. With AMG Business Solutions and their team of business consultants and attorneys, George’s sales and profits are rising. George can be confident he is making the best and informed business decisions possible.

I have a question about

my business taxes

Thank you AMG

AMG can help George and all other small businesses owners like him.

A customer filed

for bankruptcy

I need to increase my sales and looking for help

I need to hire a

new employee

George is like many small business owners that we meet. He is an expert at what he knows best, but may not know everything about managing and running his small business. Where does George go for help?  AMG can offer George solutions at a cost he can afford.

I need to sign my new

lease but have questions

I have a question

about my payroll

This is George, but it could be you!

I need to call a customer

about past due invoices

Find me Help!

George's Business Before AMG

Read on to find out how AMG can help Protect and Grow your Business.

A customer just got 

injured on my property

Solution For George


George's Business After AMG

 AMG surounds George with a team of experienced business consultants and top rated attorney to help him run and manage his business.

A repairman won't

stand behind his work

I need to update

my web site

I need help with

social media


Just like George, Small Business Owners face 

BIG  business problems, on  SMALL  business budget.

AMG is always on his team but never on his payroll.