Small Business Assessment Questionnaire

Want to think about your business from a strategic and systematic perspective? Start by rating your current situation by answering yes or no to the following questions.


  • I have a clear 1, 3, & 5-year vision for my business

  • I have identified measurable goals that support my business vision

  • I am effective with my time management and understand where I fit best in my company

  • I can transform problems and frustrations into opportunities

  • I can balance work and my personal life


  • I am confident about our cash flow and its predictability

  • I conduct regularly scheduled reviews of our income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statements, budget and other key financial indicators

  • I develop and monitor our annual budget and cash flow plan in accordance with our company plan & vision

  • I make adjustments and communicate with our team based on my regular review and reporting of our company financials


  • I know where my clients are, how they think and how I can best help them

  • I understand and communicate my value proposition in a language that works best for our clients

  • My pipeline is full, and I generate leads regularly

  • I regularly measure the effectiveness of our lead generation activities

  • I win and get new business regularly

  • I stay in touch with past, current, and potential clients

  • Most of my revenue is not generated from my personal sales efforts

  • I have all the clients I need

         Client Fulfillment

  • I always deliver a “WOW” customer experience

  • I am very satisfied with the quality of our products and services

  • I have a system for monitoring our quality of work

  • I am very satisfied with the number of repeat customers we have

  • I get a lot of referrals from existing clients

  • I am confident that we are able to meet and effectively manage our business capacity


  • I can see my company and our systems as the product not the commodity or service we sell

  • My team and I are clear about “how we do it here”

  • My team is clear about our company vision and how they fit into the plan

  • My team delivers consistent results for our clients

  • I am constantly increasing my company’s capability and adding great team members

  • My business does not depend on a few key team members for its success

  • I can recruit, hire, & train great team members

  • Most of our company systems are documented and organized


What Is a Business Assessment?
​​Every business goes through ups and downs, periods of growth and periods of stagnation or even decline. The most successful businesses — the ones with staying power, steady growth, and robust profit margins — make periodic adjustments to their  business model, their products and services, their internal operations, their sales process, and their marketing approach.  But how do you know where to focus your attention and resources if you don’t ask the right questions? That’s where a thorough business assessment comes in.