(​1)  How to contact your Provider Law Firm  

If a legal issue arises, call your provider law firm and provide them with your name, membership number and the details of your situation. An attorney will call you within 8 business hours. (or sooner, depending on the legal issue). Talk to your attorney about determining best course of action and track the progress of your issue or case. Attorney will continue assisting you until the matter is resolved.

(2)  How to contact your GoSmallBiz Consultant

Once you become a member, Log into GOSMALLBIZ.COM, click on the Consultation tab on the main menu to ask any business-related question. Your answer will be delivered within 2  business days. All questions are reviewed by 2 consultants. There are unlimited follow up questions that can be submitted.

(3)  How to contact an AMG Mentor or Consultant

770-325-7677 ext. 705 to request a one on one or phone consultation with a mentor or business consultant.


(4)  How to contact an AMG Concierge

Contact us via text , email or call us at (770) 325-7677  to determine how we can best serve you. We prefer at least 24 hours notice for any given task – but we realize that we don’t live in a 9-5 world, and that emergencies happen so we will do everything we can to accommodate an urgent request.

AMG's goal is to help their small business clients have access to all the resources they need to a be successful. Whether you need an attorney to help you review a new lease agreement, a consultant to help you improve your marketing strategy or an experienced mentor to help you improve your networking skills, AMG can help. We can even have our concierge service help you complete an important task that you don't have the time to do yourself.  Whatever it is, we have you covered.

(5)  How to activate your AMG Choice Program

     Starting August 2019